2012-2013 immigration quotas for non-seasonal workers
NEW regularization foreigners:

The closing date for applications is 30th. June 2013. 12:00pm.

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EU Blue Cards available for non-EU highly skilled migrants


Applications for a work permit can be submitted. All details are outlined in a circular letter issued by the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration

Non-EU highly skilled workers willing to live and work in Italy can now apply for an EU Blue Card work permit. The new type of residence permit for migrants introduced by legislative decree no 108 of 28th June 2012 came into force on 8th August.


35,000 of applications are required to be submitted for hiring third-country nationals residing abroad no later than 31st December 2012. Employers are required to submit their applications, a further 4,000 third-country nationals residing abroad who have completed education and training in their country of origin under article 23 of legislative decree no. 286 of 25th July 1998, are admitted in advance within the maximum authorized number of third-country nationals eligible to enter the country for the purpose of subordinate seasonal work in 2012. Non-EU subordinate seasonal workers from Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Republic of the Philippines, Gambia, Ghana, India, Kosovo, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Tunisia. For futher inquiry please contact at:


NUOVA SANATORIA: dal 15 settembre al 15 ottobre 2012 click day per regolarizzazione stranieri


NEW regularization foreigners: Click day from September 15 to October 15, 2012


From September 15 to October 15, 2012 Click day to regularize foreign The new amnesty for illegal aliens will leave by September 15, 2012 and will allow those non-EU citizens who work illegally in the Italian territory to be regularized by their employer and to obtain a residence permit. Employers, in fact, will have available a month, from September 15 to October 15 for taking those foreign workers who regularly employs, at least three months (from date of entry into force of Legislative Decree).


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